Nanum Car Humidifier Original Manufacturer

Nanum Car Humidifier 2

Nanum Car Humidifier Features:

  • Fine Nebulization: this nanum car humidifier II adopts ultrasonic nebulization technology and uses 113kHz frequency transform the water into 6um microminiature droplet, spread the essential oil more smoothly with the natural fragrance, volatilize smoothly, humidify air, make the skin more confortable.
  • Humidifying effect: the nanum car humidifier can remove static electricity,dust inside the car, purifying dirty air to prevent cold,

Nanum Car Humidifier 1

Nanum Car Humidifier with aromatherapy function, just add a few drops of water soluble essential oil or perfume, this car humidifier will realize the aroma diffuser function. This car humidifier has the following feature: cool mist spray, automatic shut off protection, 2 hours working duration,etc.

Handheld Mini Mist Spray Fan Battery Operated USB Rechargeable G3

  • Handheld Mini Cool Mist Spray Fan: this Mini Fan is  small, suitable for carrying by hand or you can put it in your handbag.
  • Mini Cool Mist Spray Fan Fan: it has a built-in ultrasonic mist spray device, it can spray cool mist out with the wind.
  • USB chargeable Mist Spary Fan: this mini fan has a rechargeable 3.7V /12000mA built-in lithium battery, you can recharge it with USB line.

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