Nanum Car Humidifier 2

Nanum Car Humidifier

Nanum Car Humidifier Features:

  • Fine Nebulization: this nanum car humidifier II adopts ultrasonic nebulization technology and uses 113kHz frequency transform the water into 6um microminiature droplet, spread the essential oil more smoothly with the natural fragrance, volatilize smoothly, humidify air, make the skin more confortable.
  • Humidifying effect: the nanum car humidifier can remove static electricity,dust inside the car, purifying dirty air to prevent cold, germfree , humidifying and reducing tire to make freshing.
  • Humidifying while charging: this nanum car humidifier has one or two USB ports, so you can recharge two devices simultaneously, And 5V/2.1 A, can charge your devices fast.
  • Auto Shut Off Protection: When the water in the water tank use up, this nanum car humidifier will automatically shut off.

Product Info:

Item No.
Product Name
Nanum Car Humidifier II
ABS+PP+Electronic components
Water Tank Capacity
Spray Mist Amount
20-30 ml/hour
USB Quantity
1 or 2 USB Ports
Product Size
68x70x210 mm
Colors Available
Product Weight
Switch Type
Touch Switch
Aromatherapy Function
Yes,but only add water soluble essential oil or perfume
Auto Shut-off Protection
Yes, Waterless auto shut off protection
Humidification Function
Yes, this is the basic function
Buyer's Label
Yes, we can put your logo on the product
OEM Service
Country of Origin
CE, RoHS, FCC,Patent
  • Nanum Car aroma Humidifier - Nanum Car Aroma diffuser
  • Nanum car humidifier Four Colors Black,Purple,Blue,White
  • Nanum Car humidifier size : 70x210 mm
  • How to Use this Nanum Car humidifier

Packaging Details:

External Packing
Gift Box
Gift Box Size
70x90x220 mm
Carton Size
60.5x46.5x47.5 cm
Quantity Per Carton
80 pcs
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Volume of Carton
0.1336 CBM

Technical Specification

USB Output
DC 5V /2.1A
Input Voltage
DC 12V
Power Consumption
1.5-3.5 Watts


  1. The product is protected by the auto power-off function. After continuously working for 2 hours, Nanum will cut off the power automatically. To use humidifier again, please turn on after adding more water.
  2. Purified water is recommended. When the mist becomes thinner, please replace the sponge. Use regularly a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the scale on the surface of the atomizing plate. Do not use excessive force, since that may damage the atomizing plate.
  3. Water soluble aroma essence are preferable. Please DO NOT use fat-soluble aroma essential oils.


  1. This product can be used only when the car engine is started.
  2. Please DO NOT use the humidifier when there is not enough water in the tank.
  3. Operating Temperature: 0-45
  4. Keep out of reach of children.
  5. When the product is not being used, please detach it, pour out all the liquid and store it in a cool, dry place.
  6. Aroma essence should not be kept in the car under high temperature environment, take it out of your car, because it is Inflammable and explosive.

Payment & Terms

Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen or Ex-works
Mininum Order Quantity: 1 carton
Lead Time: within 7 days
Production Capacity: 100,000 units/month
Payment method:  T/T, Paypal, Western Union,Money Gram, Alipay, WeChat

How to clean Humidifier

If there's no mist comes out from the humidifier, in most cases, it is because the you had added non-water-soluble essential oil and the spray nozzle has been blocked, the following video show you how to clean the spray nozzle.

Please use 95% alcohol or  5% white vinegar to clean the spray nozzle, and if the filter is dirty change it too.

Please make sure the spring under the filter inside the tube is there, if it is missing, there will be no mist come out even the spray nozzle and filter are clean.

How to clean nanum car humidifier to solve no mist output problem.

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